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DXN ganoderma frequently asked questions (“FAQS”)


Growing ganoderma at DXN.

Is it true that Ganoderma is the savior of modern diseases and is a ‘Universal Medicine’ for all diseases?

Well, I think the jury is still out on this question.  Neither DXN nor Ganotherapy USA make any claims as to whether ganoderma will CURE you of anything.  Western medical research today is beginning to find out that consuming something that is naturally high in organic germanium, such as ganoderma, can cause impressive results when treating illness or disease.  Herbal or Alternative medical research today clearly shows that ganoderma will help your body heal itself.  There are many links on our Medical Research page to disease specific documents at the National Library of Medicine on research done with ganoderma.  Read some of those, and read the documents on this website, and let the evidence speak for itself as to whether ganoderma is a “miracle cure”.

ONE CAUTION:  Do not expect that ganoderma will replace what medicines your doctor has prescribed for you!  You must continue to LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR while you are taking ganoderma!  Eventually, your doctor may discover that there are some good things happening to your body (for instance, a reduction in your blood pressure, or a reduction in your cholesterol level) and they may take you off of your medication.  This is all to the good – the less chemicals in your body, the better!  But do not stop taking your prescribed medicines, and above all, DO NOT IGNORE your doctor’s advice!

What can DXN’s ganoderma do for me? 

Right away after taking DXN’s RG/GL capsules, you may notice a couple of “ordinary” things – such as a welcome and pleasant increase in your energy.  This is the first thing most people notice.  What is happening is that the ganoderma is helping to oxygenate your blood.  This will give you a nice peppy feeling without all the nervousness of caffeine or any kind of artificially produced “high”.  This natural “feel good” feeling will persist throughout your whole time while you are taking ganoderma, because your brain needs oxygen.  And what a plus – when your brain gets more oxygen it will remember things easier!  No more “Where did I leave my keys?”!  So being more aware will also be something you may notice.  If you have calluses on your hands or feet or elbows or knees, you may notice that the dead skin is starting to fall off.  This is your body at work trying to heal itself.  Some people even notice a reduction or diminishment of any kind of celoid or scar tissue (such as a vaccination scar or acne scars).  It’s different for everybody – depending on what your system needs.

The other thing ganoderma can do for you is help your body work the way it is supposed to work in sloughing off toxins and healing itself.  What ganoderma does for you will be specific for YOUR body.  Your body is your own best doctor – If you have a splinter in your finger, if you leave it there instead of remove it, eventually the body will force it out of your skin.  When you have an illness, your immune system goes to work to kick out the reason you are feeling ill.  DXN’s ganoderma products act to help your body work the way it is supposed to work.  It helps your body kick out all the toxins that are making you feel bad, and it also boosts your immune system so that your body can heal itself.  Ganoderma does nothing more than help your own body do its job.  Read on…

What are the possible symptoms after consuming ganoderma? 

In a nutshell:  Most of what happens to your body when you take DXN’s RG/GL capsules will show up in how your body eliminates waste – you may perspire more, or go to the bathroom more often, or you may have a slight discharge from your sinuses or eyes.  Do not panic – this is just your body sloughing off the poisons.  If this reaction seems too severe, half your dosage but continue to take the RG/GL’s.  You may feel a little dry – drink more water – WATER, don’t think soft drinks or any other liquid can substitute (you can continue drinking those, just drink more WATER)!  Your body needs water to flush out the toxins.  All of this is normal.  Once the toxins are pretty much gone from your system, then your body can go to work on healing itself.

On a more detailed level, there is a concept in Chinese medicine: the symptoms will become worse before they become better, because the elimination of body toxic waste will usually take place before the body recovers from diseases.

During the early stages of consuming ganoderma, a change for the better may initially result in a feeling of weakness or fatigue.  This is because the body is shifting vital energies to internal organs to begin a process called REGENERATION from the more exterior muscle and skin tissue.

As the new and improved diet is continued, new symptoms could happen.  Some may experience dizziness, sore bones, itchy skin, increased bowel movements, hardening of feces, and/or pimple-like eruptions appearing on various parts of the body.  For some people, diarrhea may occur.  This is a process called “DETOXIFICATION” or a process of elimination of toxins and other wastes that accumulated in the body.

Patients who experience reactions described above usually recover faster than those who do not have any symptoms after consuming ganoderma.

The length of reaction differs from one individual to another: it may last for 2-5 days; a severe one may last for 7-30 days.  These are the SIGNS OF RECOVERY.

If the reaction is serious, reduce the dosage, or see a doctor to relieve the symptoms, and then continue to consume until the reaction is totally eliminated.

Some may experience the reaction 3-10 days after consuming ganoderma.  Some may experience reactions 2-3 months later.  The reaction may not be limited to one occurrence only, unless the illness has been completely healed.

Although ganoderma may have many physiological reactions due to the cleansing effect, it will NOT produce any negative interactions when consumed with drugs prescribed by your doctor.  Ganoderma is what modern medical science calls an “ADAPTOGEN” – meaning that it is non-toxic (no harmful side-effects), not limited to special organs or tissues, and has an overall normalizing effect.  The adaptogen concept aims to cure by normalizing all body functions.  It holds the notion that unless everything is put into its right track, there can be no complete cure.

What are the qualifications, or the background of DXN, the ganoderma manufacturer?

The DXN ganoderma Gano factory has been conferred the following Certificates:

GMP Certificate by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau from the Ministry of Health Malaysia;

ISO 9002 Certificate;

ISO 14001 Certificate;

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) by Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

– These certifications indicate the success in the managing of quality manufacturing system in producing exceptional products.


There are at least three outstanding features in the cultivation & production techniques.

Firstly, in the cultivation of DXN Reishi Gano, high nutrition and 100% natural organic planting media such as rice chaff and coarse rice – NO chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used.

Secondly, a unique technique has been developed to achieve a high concentration rate (20 : 1) so that the superlative quality of products is ensured.

Last but not least, DXN’s specialized freeze dry technique conserves 100% of the active ingredients of DXN’s ganoderma.

What’s the recommended dosage for Reishi Gano and Ganocelium?

The recommended consumption quantity of ganoderma differs from one individual to another.  However, it is best to start with a smaller dosage or solely the consumption of Ganocelium without Reishi Gano to give the body time to adapt to possible physiological/psychological changes introduced by the herbs.

We recommend 1 capsule of Reishi Gano (RG) and 1 capsule of Ganocelium (GL) once daily in the first week, and gradually increase the dosage to 3 capsules of Reishi Gano and Ganocelium twice daily for general maintenance of good health.  Individuals with discomfort are advised to take 2 capsules of both Reishi Gano and Ganocelium twice daily and those who are suffering from terminal illnesses are recommended a much larger dosage.  Typically, 3 to 6 grams daily is generally regarded efficacious in everything from bronchial asthma to insomnia, hepatitis, nervousness and neurasthenia.  9 grams a day is recommended for circumstances of heart diseases, hypertension or cancer.

Ganoderma is also classed as a dietary supplement, and therefore a high daily consumption dosage is harmless.  It does not produce any side effects unlike most drugs made from chemicals.  You can consume ganoderma even if you are on any medications given by the doctor.