Notes for Medicos.

Notes for Medicos and Professionals in the lines of Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry / Life-Sciences and Bio-Researchers


(November 2011)

Ganoderma lucidum (REISHI or LINGZHI) is a powerful herb which has many beneficial effects in our body. The therapeutic effects of Reishi are due to the powerful ingredients (more than 250). Reishi is being used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a powerful herb (drug) for more than 5000 years. Because of its powerful healing effects it has been called as King of Herbs and Herb of immortality.

Reishi is a basidiomycete, lamellaless fungus belonging to the family of polyporaceae . In nature, it grows in densely wooded forests of high humidity and dim lighting. It is rarely found and flourishes mainly on the dried trunks of plum, guercus serrata or pasonia trees. Out of 10,000 such trees perhaps 2 or 3 will have Reishi growth. Reishi has been recorded to have the most powerful healing effects in Chinese pharmacopeia written in first century B.C. Modern research has made possible to cultivate reishi since 1972 and it is made available to everyone now. A number of developed countries are now conducting sophisticated research in reishi to study its therapeutic effects.

The ingredients in Reishi are classified under 5 major groups:







Some of the sub-fractions of the ingredients exert powerful biological effects in our body

Ganodelan A,B,C – Hypoglycemic

Ganoderic acids – ACE inhibiting effect-reduces BP, Anti-tumor effect & immune – stimulant Cholesterol synthesis inhibition

Lanostan – Anti-allergic

Cyclooctosulphur – Anti-allergic

G-A Betaglucan – Anti-tumor

Beta D glucan – Anti-inflammatory

G-Z – Anti-tumor

Lingzhi 8 – Anti-allergic& Anti-tumor effect

Adenosine – Anti platelet effect &Vasodilator, Analgesic effect & muscle relaxant

Uridine, Urasil – Anti-viral

Ganomycin A&B – Antibiotic


Antioxidant effect

Reishi has very powerful antioxidant effects. It is said that Reishi is 5 times more powerful than Ginseng. The powerful anti-oxidant effect is translated into health benefits. Anti-oxidants play a major role in the elimination of “free radicals” which are harmful to our body. Excessive free radicals production in our body can damage the cells lead to diseases like Heart attack, Arthritis ,Cancer etc. Reishi being a powerful anti-oxidant can act as anti-ageing. Reishi being a powerful antioxidant can be used to prevent these diseases.


Reishi has very powerful effects on the immune system and it is a powerful immune-modulator. It enhances the immunity by increasing the production of Interleukin 1&2 and Interferon. By this effect it can protect us ,especially children from very many infections.A group of chemicals known as Ganoderic acids and Polysacharides have immuno-regulating effects and this effect can help in Autoimmune disorders(eg: Rheumatoid arthritis).By enhancing our immunity Reishi can kill cancer cells and this is a very powerful effect which can be used in the management of cancer.Reishi has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. This effect can protect children from very many infections, especially in malnourished children.


Reishi has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This effect has been used in the teatment of inflammatory disorders to control pain and swelling(eg. Arthritis).Reishi is a natural pain killer with safety.Since we know that pain killers are toxic, Reishi can be used as effective safe pain killer.The anti-inflammatory effect has been proved to be beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory brain diseases like Alzheimers ,Parkinsonism and degenerative diseases of the brain.

Anti platelet and vasodilating effect

Reishi contains Adenosine and Guanosin which have antiplatelet effect. This anti-platelet effect can prevent clotting of blood and reishi can be used for prevention of heart attack. Reishi has vasodilatory effects especially on the micro-circulation.This effect helps to increase the blood flow to various organs and tissues. Adequate blood flow is absolutely necessary for any organ function, especially in old age. Reishi by improving the blood flow can protect various organ functions.


Triterpines have been identified in Reishi which have ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) inhibiting effects.Ganoderic acid fraction F has the highest effect .ACE Inhibiting effect reduces Blood Pressure and also helps the heart in improving the pumping function (cntraction).Reishi balances the Blood Pressure and helps to maintain normal BP.

Anti allergic effect

LANOSTAN present Reishi has anti-allergic effect. Reishi stabilizes the mast cells which is a source of various chemical substances mediating allergy. Reishi is able to control and give excellent relief in various allergic disorders(skin, nasal, bronchial allergies).Many allergic disorders are caused by chemicals and toxins present in our food and atmosphere. Children are very sensitive to these substances and these allergens cause various allergic diseases in children.Reishi being an effective anti-allergic agent is able to give relief in these conditions and also detoxifies these chemicals which are responsible for allergic disorders.


Reishi has powerful anti-cancer effects. This was first discovered in Japan in 1977.The polysaccharide fraction has the highest anticancer effect. Reishi has been approved as a supplement drug to be used in cancer treatment in Japan. Reishi can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer treatment. It can help to reduce pain and prevent metastasis. Even in terminal cases of cancer reishi can help to relive the pain and also give a sense of well being and improve quality of life. In psoriasis where there is rapid turnover of cells Reishi can be very effective. Many research papers are available in the literature which document the effect of Reishi in cancer treatment. In cancer treatment Ganoderma (Reishi-RG/GL) must be given in very high doses.

Other important effects are as follows.

Reishi reduces blood sugar levels. Ganodelan A&B present in reishi act as  hypoglycemic agents. It increases the production of insulin by the beta cells of the pancreas. The ACE-I effect causes insulin sensitizing effect and helps the available insulin to act better. This effect is very helpful in diabetic patients. Many of the vascular complications of diabetes can be prevented or postponed by consuming reishi.

Reishi reduces both cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood.

Reishi has many powerful effects on the brain. It regularizes sleep function.Reishi stimulates various brain functions-memory, alertness and has calming effect on the brain. This relieves the stress, which is the fundamental cause for various diseases.

Reishi can improve Spiritual potency and has been called as “Spiritual herb”. This effect can be helpful in various stress induced/related illnesses and Psycosomatic disorders. Chinese Buddhist monks have consumed Ganoderma for improving the spirituality.

Reishi improves digestion function and regularizes bowel movements.

Reishi normalizes various hormonal levels and this helps in infertility. Reishi is an excellent regulator of various body functions.

Detoxification function

One of the major effect of Reishi is detoxification and helps liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins from our body. When toxins are removed our body health is protected and disease is cured. We consume various kinds of toxins in our food, air and water. We are exposed to atmospheric pollutants and consume toxins like pesticides and artificial manures and colouring agents in food. When these toxins accumulate in our body they lead to disease .Children are exposed to these toxins which have dangerous effects on their body and disease strikes them when they are young. Reishi by detoxifying these harmful chemicals, protects children and adults from various diseases.


Reishi is a powerful Adaptogen. Adaptogen is a substance which is non-toxic, non-specific and has overall normalizing effect on the body. Reishi is no.1 Adaptogen. Reishi normalizes various body functions and has no toxic effects. This Adaptogenic effect can be used to treat and prevent disorders /diseases, especially in old age.


DXN produces and markets high quality Ganoderma. DXN markets Reishi Gano (RG) and Ganocelium (GL). GL is produced from the Mycelium of Ganoderma after 20 days of growth. GL contains 4 times concentration of Polysaccharides and organic Germanium, which are important for children for development of brain and immune system. Hence GL is given separately.


1st Week 1 Pair (1 RG,1 GL) a day

2nd Week 2 Pairs(2RG,2GL) a day

3rd Week 4 Pairs(4 RG,4GL) a day

4th Week 6 Pairs(6RG,6GL) a day

Maintain this dosage- 6 pairs RG/GL a day for 6 months. Then the dosage may be reduced to a minimum maintenance dose of 3 pairs of RG/GL a day.

RG/GL can be taken as a single dose or in multiple doses.

Mega dosage is advised in severe and serious diseases like Cancer. A dosage of 15 to 30 pairs of RG/GL a day is recommended for the maximum effect. This high dosage must be continued for 6 months to 1 year.

For Healthy people it is sufficient to consume 1 to 2 pairs of RG/GL a day. Unhealthy people must take 3 to 6 pairs of RG/GL a day.

Reishi should be taken as a supplement to any other form of treatment. The medications prescribed by Doctor ( Physician) must be continued.

There are no serious side effects of consuming RG/GL.

Ailment reflection may be experienced while consuming RG/GL; but, this may not warrant stopping of consuming RG/GL. When it occurs the dosage of RG/GL may be reduced.

RG/GL can be consumed by all ‘Age-groups’. From the 1st day of an Infant onwards.

Ganoderma extract is mixed with Coffee, Tea and Cocoa and given as beverages. Consuming these beverages with Ganoderma gives a range of health benefits.

RG/GL is marketed as food supplement in all the countries including the USA.

In India it is marketed as Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

In Singapore, it is marketed under the license, as Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).